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Two great options for delivery!
On the 15th of each month we'll post a brand new newsletter online. All you have to do is log into your account and order whenever you wish.
Customize your newsletter "online" each month whenever you wish... Personalize it as much as you want!
Simply click send when you are ready!
Exclusive for Firehouse Marketing Members only
Monthly Newsletter Written For You Each Month!
(saves you hours of writing, designing & marketing)
FREE Trial
Personalize your newsletter
with recipients"First Name" in multiple areas
Auto-populate your newsletter
with your profile including photo & logo
Personalize your Theme, Banners and Text.
Private library for your images, customer lists...
Phone, email & live chat customer support
Data "List Cleaning"
Realtime CASS Certification and NCOA list cleaning
FREE Data Lists!
Filter on any demographic or do a Radius Mailing
Buyers Club Pricing
Pre-negotiated & we pass the savings on to you
Pick & Pack (add 20 or more to be shipped back to
your office in addition to being printed and mailed)
Set It & Forget It - Build your newsletter the way you like it,
then walk away... We'll print and mail it for you automatically.
No Contract (Try it. You can quit anytime)
Have Your Own Newsletter?- Simply upload it into our pre-formatted Newsletter Template. Same great print & mail price.
Why is your printing so inexpensive? We have the most efficient technology in the world. This allows us to manage our process and gang orders together, although each order is completley different!
Our prices are better then anyone out there including FedEx-Kinkos, Staples, OfficeMax, or Bob the printer down the street! Just look at our pricing below!
Try it: After you sign up for our newsletter program you are welcome to "test drive" our newsletter template. You can edit your newsletter etc. It's your private profile! If after 7 days, you don't like it... simply cancel and you will be charged nothing!
Our free test drive does not include printing & postage if you decide to order.

Save 20% - $470/Yearly
Firehouse Marketing Newsletter is the top choice for a multitude of industries, new & experienced, big & small.
No Setup fees. No hidden fees. No contracts
Includes Specs
Black & White
20" x 11"
.97 ea
.87 ea
24# smooth bond
.87 ea
.76 ea
Printing on both sides
.81 ea
.71 ea
Data list cleaning
Tri-Folds to 8.5" x 5.5"
Customize & Send Your Personalized Handwritten Postcards, Yellow Letters, Greeting Cards & more!
Select from the data filters as in the example to the right. Target your perfect customer.

Choose how many you wish to have and add it to your data library. FREE.

There is no charge, or hidden fees or limit to the number of lists or data files you select.

Add it to your existing customer data list when you mail, or choose several lists from us.

Don't forget to do a radius search and isolate the exact location you wish to mail to. (Did you want to mail only to specific streets? - No Prob! Simply list the streets you want to mail to)
GOT QUESTIONS? | 509-684-0767
What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly subscription gives you access to a pre-created and written newsletter. It gives you the right to use it.

Does the monthly fee include printing or postage?

No. You pay for printing & postage. It is based on how many you have on your customer list. Our prices are very competitive and have price breaks at different levels.
Why is the "Set it & Forget it" program more popular?

We are like you. We're busy and want to manage our time wisely. We would prefer setting our marketing up and walking way. It's working for you while you sleep!

How long does it take to arrive?

It takes us under 24 hours to clean your customer list and print your newsletter. After that, it's in the hands of the Post Office. If you choose standard mail, it can take from 4-12 days to deliver. 4 if you are in the southwest and 12 if you are back east!
Why are the newsletters so successful?

The secret behind our newsletters is... they are fun! We make them to look like you did it yourself. They are informative and simple and they don't sell anything. We have many built in "Call to actions" to keep your reader interested and "YOU" on their mind.
They are less expensive then a color postcard.
Is your client worth about $.69 a month? We think so!

When should I order the newsletter if I do it myself?

On or about the 15th.
We strongly suggest ordering it on the 15th of each month. That way, it will arrive at your customers door around the first of each month.
Can I change the articles?

You can cutomize many different things, yet you can't change the articles. In the 15 years of supplying newsletters, most people find that they don't need to. Sure, some people want to and we understand. SO, simply upload your own newsletter into our Smart Template™ and we'll treat it like it was one of ours...

Why are the newsletters filled with "lifestyle" content?

Because it's interesting and fun information that 99% of people like to read. Tidbits of information!
It's not filled with industry specific information. It's meant to "Touch" your customer in a fun and non-salesy way!
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